Map, monitor & manage strategic risks

Do you know the key factors that shape and may shake up your industry and markets? Do you monitor them?
Map your future before it gets you!
Change is constant
Markets and industries are in constant flux nowadays. Even though change may hit players by surprise, changes do not suddenly emerge out of the blue. Monitoring sources of change and thinking through strategic implications continuously is crucial, for success and failure.
Mobilise your organisation to scan the world around and detect attractive opportunities before strategic risks manifest themselves hard. Develop the company's ‘memory of the future’ and respond rapidly and effectively to change when it happens. Invest in agility!
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Despite the importance they assign to 'disruptive' innovation & technologies, our research shows that most companies underestimate the influence of strategic risks and uncertainties. The stock-listed companies we studied report only briefly and in general terms on important external risks that may affect their performance and can have a devastating effect on their future. In addition, they are reluctant in naming possible implications and pay little attention to prevention and mitigation tactics to deal with divergent consequences. Let alone they exploit the opportunities that hide behind strategic risks.  


Explore the outside world and identify factors & developments that matter.

Think through what
may happen if the (un)thinkable strikes.


Rehearse the future to be ready when change fully manifests itself.

It only takes
4 steps to map key risks
Scan outside forces
Take fresh and wide-angle views on the forces that shape the future to detect strategic risk & uncertainty.
Analyse strategic risks
Analyse strategic risks, map driving & counter forces, and assess key implications for your company.
Yes, you read it well, we actually forecast the occurrence of strategic risks!
Monitor & forecast risks
Monitor external uncertainty & forecast the chances that strategic risks will occur in the short term.
Manage strategic risks
Develop contingency options to mitigate, accept, respond or exploit strategic risks.
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