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Transform your company in response to the transitions in your industry

Future Mapping

Disruptive transitions require organisations to rethink & redesign their strategic core

Benefit or fall victim to disruptive transitions is a strategic choice

These are exciting times, transitions are everywhere. As markets and industries are in constant flux, organisations cannot rely on past success and experience. In today’s connected and volatile environments, change does not come in small packages and at a modest pace. Dynamic interactions between trends and trend breaks create comprehensive transitions that accelerate beyond yet unknown tipping points. Even when transitions unfold and manifest themselves, their future course is surrounded by uncertainty.

Although disruptive transitions often take organisations by surprise, they do not come out of the blue. At @FairSights, we use a new, innovative approach called Future Mapping to accurately map and continuously monitor the forces that shape and may shake-up the future of a sector or market in the medium term. It helps organisations to identify attractive opportunities and strategic risks before they fully manifest themselves, creating valuable time to successfully anticipate and adapt successfully.

Future Mapping is a powerful approach in times of disruption

Strategic transformation affects & change the entire organisation

Once disruptive transitions start to unfold and accelerate, strategic transformation is inevitable for existing organisations in order to adapt to radically changing circumstances. @FairSights we work intensively with our customers to design and realise strategic transformations in a highly engaging and participative way. We start with a deep-dive exploration of the future, discover what is valued and possible in the future, outline the transformation that is needed, and start up the learning process of transforming.

Projects & Customers

Over the years we have supported small & large companies and non-profit organisations in their transformation journeys to adapt to the transitions of their industries.

Facilitate & support several energy companies to explore & assess the strategic implications of the sustainable energy transition.

Focused future exploration to assess the impact & opportunities of digitisation & servitisation for a production company. 

Facilitate & support the future exploration & strategic transformation of a small & large pension fund.