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Making strategic change happen & co-create the future of your industry

Learn to Transform

Make a smart selection of innovation projects to transform continuously

Strategic transformation requires dynamic capabilities

Distinctive competencies are essential ingredients of strategies and business models to create extraordinary value and realise superior performance. To sustain competitive advantage over time requires, in addition, dynamic capabilities to sense and seize attractive business opportunities. As external change deepens and accelerates, organisations broaden and enrich their repertoire to innovate, co-create, and transform. They foster cultures of learning and experimentation that are critical for successful transformations.

The exploration and analysis of relevant transitions provide insights into the strategic characteristics and qualities of future portfolios and organisations. The strategic transformation from today to the future forms the basis for a continuous learning process. Central in this process stands the portfolio of innovation experiments and projects that an organisation plans to perform. over time. Some of these contribute directly to the transformation while others have a longer-term horizon and may focus on learning entirely new business practices and strategic competencies.

Compose a portfolio of experiments & projects to learn & transform

Start small with manageable projects to learn faster

The time of grand strategy designs is far behind us. Each and everybody in and around connected organisations, networks and ecosystems has to learn to transform together. Select projects both to develop new logics and to offer opportunities to learn to master them. Best start with only a small number of manageable projects and create ample time and space for learning. As with any learning process, articulate assumptions and expectations beforehand, cherish failure, and redesign projects when insights grow.

Projects & Customers

Developing dynamic capabilities and making transformation happen is a rapidly growing area of competence relevant to organisations in all stages of development, in particular established ones. Key activities include:

Compose an innovation portfolio of experiments & projects to design new business activities & learn new logics over time.

Shape & develop the business networks, partnerships & ecosystems that cooperate in creating the future of an industry.

Design & organise the process of shared learning with clear goals & performance indicators of progress.

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