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Future  Exploration

Explore the future to map & anticipate trends, trend breaks & transitions

Identify & think through the forces that shape & can shake up the future

Anticipating structural change is essential to create the future

The future is different from today. Over time trends, trend breaks and transitions manifest themselves and change the world, industries and markets we are part of. Success depends foremost on anticipating and seeing structural change when it happens and well before it accelerates. Exploring the future and thinking through different directions in which critical driving forces can develop is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and, at the same time, identify attractive opportunities well before others do.

@FairSights we use future mapping and scenario planning & analysis to identify and think through the key driving forces that shape and may firmly shake up the future. It opens the way for organisations to discover attractive opportunities well before others do and develop winning strategies to take advantage of the best options. Future scenarios are also a valuable tool to design new, innovative business models and can be customised to create challenging ‘windtunnels’ for crash-testing them.

All change offers opportunities for innovation

Exploring the future comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the purpose at hand. We use highly engaging, participative as well as analytical approaches to select and craft unique scenarios that meet a range of design criteria. The scenario exercises we design and facilitate range from one or two days to explore new themes or reinforce business plans up to projects of more than a full year to develop corporate, divisional and investment strategies.​

Projects & Customers

@FairSights we have 25 years of experience with exploring the future using future mapping and scenario thinking and planning for organisations and industries of all kinds and all over the world.

Explore the future of the insurance industry for various insurance companies across the world to foresee structural change.

Future research, craft scenarios & facilitate scenario process for financial institutions in the Netherlands & Malaysia.

Facilitate scenario projects to explore & analyse regional developments with governments in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Range of scenario projects for various national & regional  governments to develop and test policy options in specific areas. 

Explore the future of Nigeria with a diverse group of leading energy, telecom, food & financial companies.

Facilitate scenario workshops for companies in mobility, finance, telecom, real estate & education around the world.

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