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Strategic Risk Management

Map, monitor & manage strategic risks & uncertainties that may upset your future

Stretch your imagination & search for the unthinkable, inconsistent & illogical

Risk & opportunity are two sides of the same coin

Does your organisation prepare for strategic risks and uncertainties that can make or break future performance and even its existence? Change is constant. Identifying major changes in time and exploring how they may work out determines success and failure. The opportunities and risks they bring are different sides of the same coin. External change can turn into strategic risks when organisations do not adequately respond or ignore the opportunities they offer while new players and competitors successfully do.

As the future is rooted in past and present and new trends emerge gradually over time, major change can to a large extent be foreseen in an early stage. Scan for key factors and uncertainties that shape the future of a market, sector or industry. As major change so often originates from the outside, it is essential to take a wide view and explore the broader context and related industries. Analyse the interactions between critical factors in-depth to understand potential dynamics, impact and implications and identify strategic risks.

Foresee strategic risks by mapping & monitoring their causes

Anticipate & prepare for strategic risks that may play out

@FairSights we have developed an integrated approach to map, monitor, and manage external uncertainties and the strategic risks that may spring from them. It includes the identification and development of options to mitigate, prevent or benefit from specific risks. Collecting signals and evidence of change forms the basis for an 'early warning system' that allows a company to respond in a timely and effective manner as soon as risks play out.

Projects & Customers

In these times of continuous change and disruption we increasingly work with organisations to strengthen their strategic risk management capability

Explore major external uncertainties to identify strategic risks with the risk department of insurers.

Map the strategic risks related to a series of investment proposals & identify options to mitigate & manage those risks

Assess & explore major financial-economic risks linked to the growing global savings glut with a Central Bank in South-East Asia.

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