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Map, analyse & foresee disruptive transitions

Future Mapping of Transitions


In the Future Mapping of Transitions programme, participants apply future mapping to accurately map and analyse transitions and market developments in the medium term, monitor future forces and generate strategic options.

Knowing the future

Because the future springs partly from the present, we can increase our knowledge of what happen in the medium term by thinking better, sharper and analytical about it. Future Mapping is a systemic approach to map and monitor the forces that shape and shake up the future. With up-to-date insight into the actual evolution of key future forces, organisations can anticipate major changes much earlier and foresee and see through strategic opportunities and risks before they manifest or accelerate. Future Mapping combines several powerful, complementary methods to structurally think through and analyse the future of a sector or market in the short and medium term (3 to 7 years ahead). Relevant indicators monitor developments in detail while insight into strategic implications form the basis for effective options and interventions.


In the programme, participants apply future mapping to map the development of a sector or market over the medium term in detail. They go through a full future mapping cycle and use various methods and tools to explore the future, monitor future forces and develop options to respond quickly and successfully to important changes. The programme consists of two blocks and combines in-depth insights into the principles and workings of future mapping with practical exercises. The period between the blocks offers ample time to apply future mapping to map developments in one's own markets. During and after the programme, the teacher is available for questions and support.


  • Ability to apply future mapping to map, analyse, monitor and manage short and long term market developments.

  • Begin able to use and combine various methods and tools to explore, analyse and foresee the medium term.

  • A flying start in using future mapping to foresee and understand developments in one's own sector or market.

  • One-year subscription to the weekly newsletter onFutureScenarios that explores, maps and monitors the future of a range of industries to detect disruptive and structural changes to identify attractive business opportunities as well as strategic risks.


Participants are entrepreneurs, board members, managers or staff members responsible for or working on strategy, marketing, business development, financial or risk management. They expect that the markets in which they are active will change rapidly and drastically in the coming years. They want to anticipate market developments and to be able to monitor them in detail in order to be able to respond to them quickly and effectively. It does not matter whether it is a listed company, an SME or a non-profit organisation. With Future Mapping, they can do this in a structured and disciplined manner.


The programme is led by dr. Robert Bood, who learned the craft of scenario analysis and strategy development from pioneers in the field. In the past 25 years, he has applied it in hundreds of projects, programmes and workshops with companies, governments, non-profit organisations and NGOs in more than 45 countries across the world. He is a consultant at FairSights, affiliated with both TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and the Asia School of Business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has extensive knowledge of the literature on scenario analysis, strategy, innovation, new business development and risk management and regularly publishes nationally and internationally on strategy and scenario development.

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