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Design & reinforce winning strategies & success formulas 

Strategy Development for Management Teams


In the Strategy Development for Management Teams programme, participants design and strengthen winning strategic success formulas and future-oriented portfolio and competitive strategies on the basis of external and internal strategic analyses.

Portfolio of success formulas

Clear strategies indicate on which markets, customers and activities organisations focus, how they excel in creating value for (and with) their customers and in which innovations they invest. Winners successfully respond to demands and preferences that are growing now and in the future. Unique combinations of distinctive strategic competences and business models ensure long-term competitive advantages. Cleverly composed strategic portfolios strengthen business activities by exploiting advantages in scale, scope and expertise and increase the organisation's agility. Successful organisations anticipate external changes and respond to them as soon as they manifest themselves or accelerate suddenly. To this end, they make targeted investments in renewing and innovating strategic success formulas while closely monitoring critical success factors, strategic risks and the development of known and new competitors.


In the programme, participants go through a full strategy cycle. They analyse strategic success formulas and explore market developments to discover attractive opportunities. Insights form the basis for designing and strengthening future-proof visions, ambitions and portfolios with success formulas and business models and assess the innovations and competences essential for taking full advantage of opportunities. Special attention is paid to strategic positioning and competitive strategies, successfully realising strategic choices and gradually anticipating and responding to market changes. The programme consists of two blocks and combines insight into current strategic theories and methods with practical exercises. Between the blocks, participants work on the strategy, portfolio and success formulas of their own organisation. During and after the programme, the lecturer is available for questions and support.


  • Being able to design, lead and go through a full strategy cycle to develop winning strategies, including all analyses required to do so.

  • Insight into the possibilities and limitations of alternative strategy approaches and the situations in which they are most effective.

  • A flying start with the development of your own organisation's strategy and portfolio of strategic success formulas.

  • One-year subscription to the weekly newsletter onFutureScenarios that explores, maps and monitors the future of a range of industries to detect disruptive and structural changes to identify attractive business opportunities as well as strategic risks.


Participants are (teams of) entrepreneurs, board members or managers and, together with their teams, they want to develop and strengthen their organisation's medium/long-term strategy. They face major strategic challenges, see the sectors and markets in which they are active change constantly, and want to stay ahead of competitors that invest in ambitious strategic plans and innovation programmes. The programme offers them a structured approach to designing and implementing winning strategies and portfolios with strategic success formulas. It does not matter whether it is a listed company, an SME or a non-profit organisation. The programme can also be implemented in-company with a management team.


The programme is led by dr. Robert Bood, who learned the craft of scenario analysis and strategy development from pioneers in the field. In the past 25 years, he has applied it in hundreds of projects, programmes and workshops with companies, governments, non-profit organisations and NGOs in more than 45 countries across the world. He is a consultant at FairSights, affiliated with both TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and the Asia School of Business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has extensive knowledge of the literature on scenario analysis, strategy, innovation, new business development and risk management and regularly publishes nationally and internationally on strategy and scenario development.

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