Explore, anticipate & manage disruptive transitions 

17 - 18 February & 10 - 11 March 2022

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Strategic Transformation Management

Duration: 4 days

Date: April - May 2022

Number of participants: 9 - 24

Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Price: €2.495 (excl. VAT)


In the Strategic Transformation Management programme, participants apply scenario analysis to create and anticipate disruptive transitions in an industry or market and successfully respond with dynamic strategies and strategic transformations.

Anticipating disruptive transitions

Disruptive transitions require strategic transformations. New customer demands, groundbreaking technologies and innovative business models change industries and markets, sometimes radically in a short period of time. Scenario analysis is a powerful and structured approach to anticipate and prepare for disruptive trends, trend breaks and transitions. Exploring and analysing challenging future scenarios stretches the imagination and supports the evaluation of strategic options and investment proposals. Scenario analysis is essential to spot attractive opportunities before others do and to identify strategic risks. It forms a solid basis for designing strategic transformations and successfully responding to disruptive transitions.


The programme consists of two blocks of two days and combines in-depth insights into the principles and working of scenario analysis with practical exercises. The participants go through a full scenario cycle from exploring the forces that shape and can firmly shake up the future of a sector or market to designing new strategic success formulas and portfolios. Both during and between the two blocks, there is ample room to apply scenario analysis to the strategic challenges and future of your own organisation. During and after the programme, the lecturer is available for questions and support.


  • Being able to design, lead and apply scenario analysis to successfully respond to major transitions that may occur in an industry or market.

  • Ability to select relevant future scenarios in different ways, think them through and analyse them to determine strategic implications, opportunities and risks and to substantiate strategic choices, innovation programmes and investment proposals.

  • A flying start in using scenario analysis for strategic transformation within your own organisation.

  • One-year subscription to the weekly newsletter onFutureScenarios with a curated selection of the best articles and research on future scenarios, disruptive transitions and strategic transformations worth €249.


Participants are entrepreneurs, board members or managers responsible for strategy, marketing, business development or risk management and see their sectors and markets change dramatically. Participants want to use scenario analysis to foresee how disruptive transitions may develop, change direction or accelerate. They know that plans fail and adaptive responses often come too late and therefore want to invest in the transformational competences of their organisations. Analysing diverse future scenarios helps them to identify and develop strategic options that may become crucial in various transition phases. It does not matter whether it is a listed company, an SME, a non-profit or a government organisation. 


Robert kantoor wit small.jpeg

The programme is led by dr. Robert Bood, who learned the craft of scenario analysis and strategy development from pioneers in the field. In the past 25 years, he has applied it in hundreds of projects, programmes and workshops with companies, governments, non-profit organisations and NGOs in more than 45 countries across the world. He is a consultant at FairSights, affiliated with both TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and the Asia School of Business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has extensive knowledge of the literature on scenario analysis, strategy, innovation, new business development and risk management and regularly publishes nationally and internationally on strategy and scenario development.