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Winning servitisation business models = digitalisation = dynamic ecosystems

Digitalisation increasingly transforms the business models of solution providers. In an extensive review of the literature on digital servitisation, Kothamäki c.s. identify a continuum of business models with increasing degrees of servitisation and, to enable this, digitalisation. Digitalisation of servitisation creates more opportunities for value-added, user-specific offerings while improving operational efficiency, ultimately by adding smart IoT and AI-based systems that operate autonomously. It leads to extensive reconfiguration of existing business models and the emergence of fully new ones. As this affects more and more partners and requires continuous experimental construction and reconstruction, the dynamic interactions within the ecosystems they are part of become crucial. Digitalisation of servitisation, therefore, requires the simultaneous reconfiguration and creation of the ecosystems to experiment with and create the next generation of servitisation business models. If so, the winning business models of the future may no longer bear the name of the focal firm but those of the reputable ecosystems (with strong system-level innovation strategies) they spring from and are an integral part of.


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