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Forces shaping & shaking up Bitcoin's future

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future!”, Niels Bohr, Nobel laureate in Physics and father of the atomic model, once stated. It is even more true when it concerns a young sector that behaves so unexpectedly and erratically as the crypto scene. No wonder that there are few topics with such diverging views as those on the future role, value and price of cryptocurrencies. Will crypto currencies and decentralised finance, sooner or later, replace traditional financial systems and institutions, are we witnessing the next financial bubble that will inevitably crash, or will we see a mix of both? Apart from true believers and convinced critics, nobody knows. All others need to map and monitor the factors that shape the new crypto world in order to foresee and see how it unfolds over time. Some elements that will play a key role in the future are already visible, others will emerge from the huge investments in innovation that are currently being made and lead to insightful successes and failures.

The infographic above provides an overview of factors that co-create, shape and shake up Bitcoin's future and determine its fate. The multiplicity of forces makes it clear that simple analyses and beliefs will, for sure, fall short to foresee, let alone predict, Bitcoin's future course and development. Moreover, as developments are in full swing, the drivers, downforces and factors listed in this overview are by definition incomplete. In addition to monitoring these forces, looking out for new and unexpected actors and factors, which will arise without a doubt, needs to be an ongoing activity.

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