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How will your industry change in the next five to ten years? Is your strategy ready to take advantage of major change?

Disruptive Transitions require Strategic Transformations

FairSights works with organizations to create better futures for the people they care about. We help to explore and foresee the future, develop distinctive strategies, and discover and create new, innovative business models. Drawing on 25 years of experience worldwide, we excel in scenario analysis and future mapping. We work for companies of all sizes, non-profit organizations, governments and NGOs.

What are your core strategic challenges?

Renew your strategy, grow your business & improve performance

Explore the future to map & anticipate trends, trend breaks & transitions

Discover attractive opportunities & design innovative business models

Transform your company in response to the transitions in your industry

Map, monitor & manage strategic risks & uncertainties that may upset your future

Make strategic change happen & co-create the future of your industry

How we co-create with our customers

Working together is co-creation for us. @FairSights we bring in methods and tools and customise these to fit your specific demands, preferences, objectives and industries. Our projects range from 'the-future-in-one-day' workshops and focused 'fast-track' assignments to develop business plans or create new business models, to 'deep-dive' strategic transformation trajectories to rigorously rethink and redesign corporate strategies and portfolios. We combine thorough analytics with engaging and participatory creativity to think outside current frameworks. Contact us to explore your options or book an orientation workshop to experience how our approach feels like without any obligations.

Projects & customers

Analyse the energy transition with energy & grid operator companies to assess implications for strategy & investments.

Think through future health care scenarios to reassess the strategy & business plan of a long-term care organisation.

Explore the future of Africa &  redesign the regional strategy to improve the performance of a global brewery company.

Map the future of healthcare & health care insurance to assess strategy implications & identify major strategic risks.

Assess, test & reinforce the business model & competitive advantage of a leading retail company in South America.

Identify & assess possible implications of financial, monetary & economic trends with a Central Bank in South-East Asia. 

Facing disruptive transitions that require strategic transformation? Contact us to explore your options to create the future!

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