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Anticipate the post-corona future

Each sector changes as a result of the current corona crisis, the subsequent economic recession and recovery period that will follow. Uncertainties surrounding measures and effects makes predicting very difficult. To manage the currents and anticipate future change requires strong foresight capabilities. Foresight is about (1) picking up the earliest signs of change, (2) anticipating possible strategic implications and (3) developing strategic options to benefit from attractive opportunities and manage external risks. Thinking through generalised and visionairy future scenarios helps but is not sufficient. As we don’t know what is going to happen and circumstances change all the time, foresight is about an organisation’s capability to gain progressive insights when the current, recovery and post-corona periods unfold. Changing your mind, ideas and actions about the future when circumstances change will separate winners from victims. Need support, send me a PM and I will contact you asap. We start with mapping the forces that shape your markets, assess the lasting impact of the coronacrisis on your strategy and business models and identify the best options ‘in case of’. Obviously, we think through some tough scenarios for the years to come.

Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash


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