Mapping, exploring & creating the future

Are questions like these on top of your mind?

What is the best & most robust strategy for the coming years?

What disruptive innovators may enter our market (or have already entered)?

What are the most challenging future scenarios we can imagine?

What are the winning products & services of the future in our markets?

How do we find & create new ventures that renew & reinvent our business? 

How can you create, what you cannot imagine?
Explore the future outside-in to create winning strategies together!
Explore and create the future for your organisation in a series of challenging work sessions. Discover new opportunities, delve into emerging trends, trend breaks and technologies, and look for inspiration outside. Use agile and design thinking to link opportunities and resources in new business ideas and models. Develop the competences that are required to make your new strategy a conclusive success and work together with partners to capitalise on new generations of products and services. Track & trace process and progress, adapt to improve and dive deeper when necessary.

Map, explore & create the future

Future Mapping
Future Forces
Consider the past, look around & forward to map the forces that shape the future of your industry. Hunt outside for inspiration.
Look for the Stars
Explore future markets to discover the attractive and innovative business opportunities of tomorrow. Catching strategic risks too.
Future Exploration
Dive into the life and work of future generations of technology, customers, innovators, competitors, and stakeholders.
Strategy Design
Combine distinctive competences, practices and technologies to create inspirational visions and the best value propositions
Future Creation
Make it Happen!
Start today. Act to discover and develop on the way. Engage and
co-create with customers, stakeholders and network partners.
Track & Trace
Monitor progress and the development of distinctive competences, learn from failure and celebrate milestones.

Available in three gears

Fast Track

In a short time from start to
finish in a few well prepared
work sessions.

Solid Pace

Take time to explore the future, create and make a flying start with winning strategies.

Deep Dive

Really digging into the future
to make new, agile strategies
a working success.

Do you want to know more?
 Or focus on ...
Scenario Thinking
Future Mapping
Radical Innovation
Strategic Risks

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