Tackling social challenges by engaging powerful networks.

What is needed to make our industry or sector world-class?

How do we personalise our educational system on a shoestring?

How do we turn our city into the place-to-be for future generations?

How do we improve the competitiveness of our regional economy?

Many of the problems that communities face and experience today belong to the toughest category of so-called ‘wicked’ problems. While their complexity is substantive and springs from various causes, proper solutions are lacking. The intrinsic complexity and broad variety of stakes makes cooperation difficult and essential at the same time.
Network learning is one of the most effective approaches to discover and create new and unusual social innovations for wicked problems. The key ingredient? Enterpreneurial teams with guts that dare to move foward, engage so many others and excel in gaining insights fast.
Take up the most daring social challenges together and create new solutions.
Intriguing Question

It all starts with one or more well-defined questions that summarise the essence and urgency of the wicked problem in a nutshell. Preferably posed by an influential ‘convenor’ in the topic that motives people to join hands.

Entrepreneurial Team

The effort is led by a multi-stakeholder team with people that are willing to act boldly and avoid weak comprises. 

Next Practice

Developing new repertoire together by actively interweaving practices, goes well beyond exchange of knowledge.​

Learning tracks

 4 parallel and reinforcing learning tracks


gaining insights into wicked problems & possible solutions 


mobilising & involving stakeholders to join forces and practices 


develop & experiment with possible solutions


making it happen, scaling up & monitoring performance

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. The real measure of success is the number of experiments that can be crowded into 24 hours."

Thomas Edison

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