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Our Approach

Working together is co-creation. @FairSights we bring in our own methods and tools and customise these with our clients to fit their specific demands, preferences, objectives and the industries they operate in. Our projects range from 'the-future-in-one-day' workshops and focused 'fast-track' assignments to develop business plans or create new business models to 'deep-dive' strategic transformation trajectories to rigorously rethink and redesign corporate strategies and portfolios. We combine thorough analytics with engaging and participatory creativity to think outside existing frameworks. Contact us to explore your options or book an orientation workshop to experience what our approach feels like without any obligations.

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Explore Future

The future is thrilling, are you ready? Let’s hunt for the best opportunities! Map and think through the factors and scenarios that shape and shake up the future of your market, industry and organisation to identify great opportunities for growth and development. Building upon well over 25 years of experience, @FairSights we use future mapping and scenario thinking and planning to benefit from the future whatever it brings. Take a deep dive into the future or explore it in just one day.

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Analyse Disruptive

These are exciting times, transitions are everywhere. Do you benefit from the changes they bring? Map the disruptive transition that radically changes the future of your sector over time and analyse the strategic implications for current players and stakeholders to identify both opportunities and risks before others do. @FairSights we map and analyse underlying driving forces, assess the current status, explore possible future courses and think through key implications of disruptive transitions. The aim is to prepare your organisation for life after critical 'tipping points' and benefit the most from disruptive transitions.

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Create Innovative
Business Models

What are the winning business propositions that will dominate your markets in the future? Don’t wait, create them yourself! Benefit from disruptive change to identify attractive opportunities for business model innovation. @FairSights we use a staged business innovation process to identify unmet customer needs (their 'jobs-to-be-done') , work out innovative value propositions, identify distinctive strategic competences to create sustainable competitive advantage, and explore different revenue models.

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Design Portfolio

Does your company get extra benefits from its portfolio of activities? Dig into strategic portfolio architecture and create cross-links between distinct business models by sharing core elements. @FairSights we help our customers to design strategic portfolios that reinforce individual business activities and increase a company’s strategic agility at the same time. Create portfolios that are much more than the sum of its parts!

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Realise Strategic


Do you face the first signs of disruptive transition in your sector? Or, is your organisation already caught in the middle of it? Then it is time to fundamentally rethink and redesign the strategic core of your organisation. In the end, there is no escape from external change. @FairSights we work with our clients to design, start up and realise strategic transformations to adapt and benefit from the disruptive transitions that unfold in their industries.

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Manage Strategic

Risk & Uncertainty

Does your organisation prepare for strategic risks and uncertainties that can make or break the future of its strategy and even the company? Industries are surrounded by external uncertainties that offer attractive opportunities when detected, yet hide strategic risks if not noticed in time. @FairSights we help organisations of all kinds to actively map, monitor and manage strategic risks and uncertainties for your benefit and to avoid unwelcome surprises.

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Resolve Conflicts through Business Mediation

Mutual conflicts can temporarily impede exploring the future together to develop powerful strategies and discovering wonderful business innovations. Business mediation then offers excellent opportunities to develop sustainable solutions for conflicts that arise within and between organisations. It occasionally happens in the best management teams, partnerships and family businesses. Because the parties involved know better than anyone else what works in practice for them, in mediation they actively cooperate, under the guidance of a professional mediator, to find a solution to their conflicts. By improving their collaboration and communication that is required for it, they do not only benefit themselves but also the people, teams and organisations around them. More information about the power of mediation, the role it can play and our take of it can be found at www.fairsights-mediation.com.


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