The unthinkable can happen. Stretch your imagination to create the future. Scenario thinking starts where trends end.
The unthinkable does happen and often hits us by surprise. To prepare for the future, we need to stretch our imagination beyond what we currently take into account. Not once, but continuously. Here is where scenario thinking comes in. Crafting and exploring challenging future scenarios helps organisations to anticipate uncertain futures and develop robust strategies in time. Once developed the scenarios can be used to windtunnel and crashtest strategic decisions and investments.
Scenario thinking 
develops an organisation's
‘memory of the future’.

Building Blocks

Scanning the context for sources of change beyond familiar trends.
Thinking through
alternatives routes
to the future.
Looking for what is not logical, plausible and consistent.
Sharing sense making
and key insights.

Scenario Process


Setting the agenda and engaging stakeholders.


Deep, open dive into the context to identify key sources of change


Crafting and analysing a set of challenging, relevant scenarios.


Using scenarios to see, create, innovate, test, and decide.

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Building upon more than 20 years of experience we have developed a mind-stretching and highly engaging approach to Scenario Thinking. It has given us the opportunity to work with customers in well over 35 countries. We have worked with companies of all sizes, governments, financial institutions and NGOs. Contact us if you want client references.

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