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Scenario Thinking

Prepare for the future by thinking through different, challenging scenarios on how the world may evolve. ​Scenario thinking helps organisations to stretch their imagination and discover structural change that opens the way to attractive opportunities ... or, if not taken, change into unpleasant strategic risks.


Once developed, scenarios can be used as 'windtunnels' to test and strengthen the robustness and agility of strategies, business plans and investment decisions. Scenarios may not paint your preferred future but do you want to fly in an airplane that has only been tested in sunny weather conditions?

Social Futures

 Whether it concerns education, health care, industry policy of ecological sustainability, creating better futures in the public domain is always challenging. Next to high levels of content complexity, public challenges are intertwined with social, cultural and political dynamics. When ready-made solutions are missing, they are truly 'wicked problems'.


We use an 'act to discover' approach to deal with social challenges. It engages stakeholders to work together as entrepreneurial teams in a process of network learning. In this process four parallel tracks reinforce each other to develop new practices together. 

Future Mapping

 Even though radical change and disruptive innovation may surprise sectors and markets, they hardly ever suddenly emerge out of the blue. To identify signs of emerging change at an early stage requires a combination of imagination, sound thinking, and good monitoring of key factor and developments.


Our Future Mapping Framework helps organisations to identify and monitor key factors and developments that shape and may shake up a sector or industry. It helps to discover attractive opportunities well before others do as well as to detect strategic risks that may hit your organisation. 


Need a solid business plan as a basis for future success and growth? Strengthen your company's strategies for the coming years and develop fully new business models for the most attractive opportunities you spot. Then invest in the activities and competences that are crucial to realise your ambition.


Reinforce your current strategic success formulas to quickly increase your revenues  and expand to new markets and customers. Then focus your energy on creating new business models and success formulas and beat competition in winning the next generation of customers and products. The future begins now!

Radical Innovation

Creating ventures that set new rules of the game (or even change the game) is one of the toughest challenges companies face today. Yet, given the speed of change it is more important than ever before. If you don't innovate, others surely will! Sooner rather than later, every sector or industry will be hit by the next round of disruptive innovators.


Creating the next generation of products and services requires  imagination and experimentation. See, try, and dare to fail often in order to succeed faster. Engage the innovators in and around your organisation and combine foresight, design thinking, and agile innovation to accelerate innovation.

Strategic Risks

Can you list the factors and developments that can make or break the future of your strategy or even company? Do you actively manage strategic risks? Do you monitor them carefully?Unfortunately, so many organisations underestimate the dramatic role external forces can have on their future.


You can wait and, at an unexpected moment, be unpleasantly surprised or choose to map, monitor, and manage strategic risks and uncertainties. Using our Future Mapping Framework as a basis the choice is easy. While it requires only a modest investment, the pay-offs are visibly huge.

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