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The rise of barber shops may signal a structural market transition

Everything has consequences and once you see them they become predictable surprises. While hairdressing is not going online (yet?), the Finanical Times reports that hair dressers are having a difficult time in the UK with some chains even running into financial difficulties. At the same time, barber shops blossom and were the UK's fastest growing retail category for the third consecutive year. The main reason are the growing popularity of beards and the strong rise of male grooming, not only in the UK but around the world with both men with and without beards preferring more masculine environments instead of the unisex hair salons they used to go to. Will this be a temporary fashion trend or is a sign of a much more structural transition? A major strategic question to answer for razor makers around the world and all those looking for new business opportunities. Understanding and monitoring changes like these is key as wait-and-see can be disastrous.


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