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Design Portfolio Strategy.

Does your company get extra benefits from its portfolio of activities? Dig into strategic portfolio architecture and create cross-links between distinct business models by sharing core elements. @FairSights we help our customers to design strategic portfolios that reinforce individual business activities and increase a company’s strategic agility at the same time. Create portfolios that are much more than the sum of its parts!


The strategic portfolio of a company consists of the set of business activities and models that create value for customers. Sooner or later, every company manages a portfolio of activities of some kind, the one more extensive and diverse than the other. Over time attractive opportunities arise to expand the portfolio and, for example, meet complementary demands of customers. Although this can be beneficial for both, latent customer demand should only be one of the decision criteria. The best options also build upon existing portfolio strengths and, vice versa, reinforce core elements of the portfolio and increase the performance of existing business activities and models. Strong portfolios actively exploit common distinctive competences, business models, distribution channels, products, services and customers groups. The economies of scale, scope and expertise created are key sources of extra portfolio advantage over competitors that focus on just a single or narrower lines of business.

@FairSights we have, over the years, worked with companies and non-profit organisations in a range of sectors to (re)design and reinforce their strategic portfolios. Designing the architecture of a portfolio starts with identifying the key factors and portfolio elements that are critical for competitive success in the future. Mapping the driving forces that shape the future of an industry, thinking through alternative scenarios of sectoral transitions, and analysing attractive business models for the future are extremely helpful in this stage. Once the portfolio elements that are essential for future success are known, attention shifts towards identifying and evaluating alternative portfolio logics to maximise strategic and organisational performance. Strong portfolio logics build upon and reinforce one or more distinctive competences that are highly relevant in the future and create unique market positions and sustainable competitive advantage for a company. The portfolio strategy that results, in turn, helps to search for and select attractive business opportunities.

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