Innovate to win the future
Develop a winning business plan with your team in just
4 steps
Map the Currents

Together with your management team we map, analyse & evaluate the current state of your company's strategy & success formulas, your customers & non-customers, current market trends & dynamics, and the strategies & business models of your competitors, both winners & losers.

Explore the Future

We then take a dive into the future to explore the demands of future generations of customers, enduring trends & emerging trend breaks, the possibilities new technologies offer, and the strengths of new & winning competitors.

Identify Attractive Opportunities

Taking external changes into account, we list & explore attractive opportunities to exploit or renew current business models in order to acquire new customers and develop new success recipes for the next generations of customers and activities. 

Create the Future

We are now ready to set your ambitions, formulate your company's strategy and compose a strong business plan. This includes the opportunities your company  want to focus on,  elaborate the business models to make it a resounding success, and assess the investments, competences & assets that are required. Making it happen can now start!

What are your winning success formulas for the future?

Winning companies excel in helping their customers to create value for their customers. It is at the core of their competitive advantage and they have a sharp view on the key resources that drive it. Over time they keep on investing in developing a set of relevant distinctive strategic competences, including critical assets, partners, and skills. As a result, they achieve superior performance in customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.

Available in three gears

Fast Track

In a short time from start to
finish in a few well prepared
work sessions.

Solid Pace

Take time to explore the future, create and make a flying start with winning strategies.

Deep Dive

Really digging into the future
to make new, agile strategies
a working success.

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