At the turn of the century James Gleick published his book Faster: The acceleration of just about everything. One of his main arguments revolves around what he refers to as the 'paradox of efficiency': despite increasingly more efficient and better integrated systems as well as broad availability of...

Online spending on fashion has risen by double digits in the past years. More than half of the online shoppers buys clothing in Europe. Business research company yStats predicts that in Germany, online sales of apparel will account for over one third of the country’s total apparel sales by 2025 (sou...

Traditional stores have been hit hard in the past decade by structural changes in consumer behaviour and the fast rise of internet sales. Book and electronics stores were among the first victims, soon followed by so many shoe and clothing shops. And the end is not yet in sight, new closures and more...

Having worked with all kinds of organisations across the world for over twenty years, I cannot remember to have had a boring session about the future once. Thinking and talking about the future clearly energises people. Liberated from the temptation to predict the future, crafting different scenario...

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